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OnTheDots Model

Our approach is to not waste valuable time and effort targeting an audience that will never result in a customer or client. We concentrate on driving customers directly to your business on a local level.

We'll perform an in depth business analysis of every one of our clients in order to optimize local results. The local search market is growing at a 90% faster rate than regular search, and you can feel confident that your advertising money is not wasted on futile tactics that don’t produce the results you deserve. We have streamlined a method for getting you to the top of the search engines in as little time as possible.

Website developers and SEO companies often miss the target on optimizing your website to capture local customers. Your business needs to be seen where customers are actually searching, not just under the name of your business. Let us join your team and finally get the local results and visibility that your business deserves.

Our Team
Matt Weidner, Engineering | Phone: 646.389.2610

Jason Whitaker, Operations | Phone: 646.820.4771

Wes Adams, General Manager | Phone: 646.389.2610

Christian Roberts, Developer | Phone: 646.820.4771

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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